A certificate in Lambic is the best gift!

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Looking for a gift with taste? Give a new gastronomic experience in Lambic!All restaurants of the chain sell gift cards with any denomination, starting from 1000 rubles. You can purchase the certificate online on the official Brasserie Lambic delivery website. The certificate will be sent to your email after payment. The validity of the certificate is 1 year from the date of purchase.


A large collection of Belgian beer: from stout and lager to all kinds of ale and lambic, from traditional varieties to exclusive seasonal offers, in the menu - Belgian potato waffles with various fillings, live mussels in sauces, and there is also a large grill section, and the main great atmosphere and you can give it all now!


We donate part of the cost of gift certificates to a charitable foundation

List of addresses where you can purchase and use a gift card:

Vorontsovo Pole, 11/32;

Myasnitskaya 40A;

Dolgorukovskaya, 19с7;

Mira Avenue, 26с7;

Strastnoy Boulevard, 7с1;

Verkhnyaya Radischevskaya, 15с1;

Gogolevsky Boulevard, 33/1;

Bolshoy Cherkassky Lane, 15-17с1;

Turchaninov Lane, 3с5;

Dmitriya Ulyanova Street, 5А;

Khodynsky Boulevard, 2;

Krasnoproletarskaya Street, 16с2;

Shabolovka Street, 19;

Krasina Street, 7c1;

Novosibirsk, Timiryazeva, 97/1.


* If the card is presented for payment of a check for an amount greater, the difference is paid by the guest, if less than indicated, the balance on the deposit can be used in another check within the validity period of the certificate.

Date: 10 February
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Lenten menu at Lambic

Lenten menu at Lambic

We at Lambic are attentive to what is important for our guests, so for Lent we have prepared a special menu with a variety of colorful dishes. To start we offer crispy bruschetta with artichokes, vegetable spring rolls and falafel salad, and as a hot appetizer we serve baked eggplants with tofu cream. For the first course there is mushroom ramen, and the main course is presented with cauliflower steak with quinoa and hearty BBQ shawarma with falafel. We will not leave without dessert - we bake banana pai with lemon sorbet. Be inspired, grow spiritually and do not sacrifice taste - we are waiting for the Lenten menu until the beginning of May! Already on Timiryazeva Street, 97/1

19 March 2024

Russian seasons at Lambic

Russian seasons at Lambic

The season begins, when the soul asks for more warm meetings and moments, and nostalgia for childhood and cozy family values only intensifies. That is why we continue the tradition of last year and relaunch the menu «Russian Seasons» to plunge into those very memories! Familiar and favorite dishes in the author’s Lambic presentation are waiting for you. We recommend starting with bright appetizers. Smoked duck cold water with mustard and horseradish cream, which we serve with cucumber relish and garlic croutons will plunge into unique warm memories. Bruschetta with cod liver mousse, cucumber, red caviar and quail egg, as well as beet cream with anchovies, capers, pai potatoes and Borodino croutons will give a real aesthetic pleasure. The main courses included dumplings with potatoes, mushrooms and truffle cream sauce, veal and chicken fried cutlet with yam and miso sauce, and Murmansk halibut with celery root cream, coconut sauce, red caviar and yam chips. We recommend the perfect bar accompaniment to the dishes — cocktails and homemade infusions, which our team prepares by ourselves! To warm up in Siberian winter frosts, try soup from northern fish with red caviar and ciabatta toast, and for a cozy mood we recommend fragrant apple pie with cranberries and vanilla sauce! We are looking forward to Russian Seasons!

13 January 2024